As many of you will know, a computer geek is always working on several things at once. When something becomes boring, the geek moves onto another project, until that becomes boring, et cetera. This page should be a relatively up-to-date list of the things I’m working on at the moment.


PolyController Main Board

PolyController Main Board

Slightly fed up with our central heating controller and thermostat being so stupid, I thought I could do better myself and build my own. Our current controller is nothing but a time switch, and the thermostat a manual dial one that has unfortunately been mounted right next to the main central heating feed pipes and hence is mostly useless.

This project started out as a simple but powerful replacement for our current heating timer and thermostat, but has grown into a general purpose controller with 1-Wire, ethernet (IPv4 and IPv6), an RTC and an almost endless number of relays attached.

Electricity Metering & FrankenUPS

Back Room Overview

My efforts to measure our electricity usage at home and to extend the runtime of my battery backup system for the server, routers and switches.