PolyController Test Rig

PolyController Test Rig

The PolyController is a multi-purpose home automation controller. It was born out of the idea of a better home heating controller but with lots of input from friends on IRC the scope expanded greatly. The first released firmware will be for a heating controller, complete with scheduling (set what temperature and when you want it), temperature readings from multiple sensors on a 1-Wire bus, and relay control of a standard central heating circuit (essentially replacing the time clock and room/cylinder thermostats).

More more information, see my PolyController blog posts.

4 thoughts on “PolyController

  1. I have been looking for a simple ip thermostat. I just want to be able to turn up the temperature before i get home and turn it down if i leave early. A simple web interface with timer and override. I know nothing about programming or electronics but am prepared to pay for this type of device i believe an awful lot of people would want this.

  2. Bonjour,
    Je me permets de vous écrire en français car j’ai lu que vous aviez passé quelques années à Nice et que mon anglais n’est pas top ! Je suis en Belgique et j’ai un projet a base de Atmel ATmega328 et ENC28J60 qui tourne (Level Tank Meter). Je souhaite passer au ENC424J600 afin de profiter du 100MHz.
    Je na trouve pas de librairie (driver) aussi facilement que pour le ENC28J60.
    Je programme en C, sans utiliser d’OS comme uIP, ou autre.
    Voyant que votre projet utilise un ENC424J600 pouvez-vous m’aider ?
    Merci et belle journée.

  3. Bonsoir Chris,

    I am about to receive my Rpi and would like to use Zigbee connections for my home and lab. You have started an excellent thread but … I have no knowledge in electronics and if you could help?

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