To copy another site, I’m going to start writing these Tidbits posts when I have several small items to comment about, but aren’t worth a whole entry in themselves.

• Today’s front page on the Daily Mirror had me in stitches: “Guess who’s had his ID stolen”. For those of you who don’t have English telly channels, a credit card company is running identity theft adverts claiming that their credit cards are magically protected from this somehow. I think you can guess what it’s all about: the actor in the ad has had his ID stolen. Do you own a Shredder?

• The British Beer and Pub Association (BPPA) is seeking to debunk the apparent myth that beer is the cause of beer bellies! Now I know they’re advertising here, but apparently beer has fewer calories per 100ml than wine, milk, or orange juice. See the El Reg story for more. And don’t you go all holier than thou and point out a pint of beer surely has more calories in it than a glass of wine…

One thought on “Tidbits

  1. How very misleading, Sir! I can believe that beer has less *calories* than the other three aforementioned beverages, but not all calories are equal! In fact, some calories are more equal than others. People say a beer-belly is ‘fat’ but it is not true – there is no fat in beer. So it can’t be fat. No, the offending substances in beer are sugar and alcohol, both stored in the body as glycogen, and physiologically more difficult to burn off than stored fat.. In addition, orange juice will be higher in fructose than beer, which will contain the nastier and more fattening sucrose and glucose! Grief, poor Chris, you start a weblog and the health police jump on it before you even get your new server. By the way can I just take this moment to advertise my new book ‘the revolutionary insectivores diet.’ In this unique work, we take a post-holistic approach to diet and health and explore the role of snails, slugs and crustaceans in a balanced breakfast; we intertwine marxist theory, feng shui and Thatcherite monetarism to assess the economic benefit of an insect-based economy, and finally we attempt to deconstruct the prevailing dietary paradigms that are sold to an unsuspecting and uneducated public and reveal the lies and myth surrounding the low-carb twaddle.. wait what am I saying? more carb? drink beer! drink beer!

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