Baldrick is a go

The web site you are reading at this very second is running off my newest machine that I have written so much about: Baldrick. The previous server, Tarquin, has been relieved of its duties until I find something useful for it to do…

For those of you wondering where the name came from: Yes, it is Baldrick from Blackadder. Sam Jenkins suggested that I use the name Bosworth, and later explained that he thought it was a good name for a servant (server). For some very random reason, that immediately made me think of Baldrick covered in grime, and the rest was history. So, Sam Jenkins is the winner of the competition.

I’ve also started shopping around for a place to get Baldrick colocated. Colocation means putting your server into somebody else’s data centre, and connecting it up to their much larger internet connection. You also get to benefit from much higher security, fire safety, and all sorts of other extras.

I emailed 15 companies yesterday asking for quotes, and asking a host of questions about their facilities and networks. I’ve already received two replies and some information from a 3rd, all of which sound very attractive. I think I may have a hard time deciding what to go for in the end!

Finally, we’re off to France tomorrow and won’t be back until Sunday. We’re both looking forward to a week of well-deserved R&R, and I hope Baldrick won’t fall on its face while I’m away! As soon as we get back I start my training in London: Oracle Application Server 10g: Administration I. We’ll see how that goes!

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