The End is Nigh

I came into work today oblivious to the fact that today was the IP Welcome Day for the students who will be replacing us in our positions here at Oracle. In fact, I only realised when I went into TVP510 (our main reception building) for a pack of CD-Rs, from the Post room (which also happens to be the principal stationery dispensary). I was just walking back to TVP530 (where we all work) when I noticed a couple of familiar faces from when we joined and a flock of young people…

Having had this sudden realisation I got quite excited about our free lunch (who said there was no such thing?) and, of course, meeting all of next year’s IPs, especially the one who will end up replacing me. (Hi there!) Lunch was, in fact, really nice, despite having to wait for ages so that my burger was cooked to perfection in front of me, and I had a really nice chat with some of the other IPs. After lunch, I showed my successor around our building, met everyone we work with, and had a nice chat—all in the name of being social with a future employee!

This has, however, brought home the fact that my last day is coming up in just over a month—the 1st of July to be precise. It’s been a really great 11 months and I’m going to miss everyone on the team and everyone who I worked with. Hardly anyone has ever made me feel more welcome, and I learned a tremendous amount. And, the best bit was I didn’t have to learn anything non-technical, which suited me very well indeed!

OK, I won’t say any more, I’m not gone yet!