An Interesting Proposal

Something funny happened to me last Tuesday. I was in my Neural Networks class in the late afternoon, and the lecturer approached Andy for a chat. We both expected it to be something about Bidirectional Associative Memory Networks we were talking about, but we were both unprepared for what we were about to hear…

“Have you thought about what you’re going to do after you’ve got your degrees?”

We found out there was a new member of staff who was looking for a research student, i.e. someone to do a PhD in the field of Neural Networks applied to Data Mining (I’m contracting it a bit so as not to confuse the world). Apparently, we were the only two people in the school who they thought would be both interested in and capable of doing the job.

To be honest although I find the field fascinating it’s not really my sort of thing so I left it to Andy, who really likes AI and Neural Networks. I felt so flattered though!

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