My Union does not represent me

As seen on Hudderfield Student. Deleted!

an organization of employees formed to bargain with the employer” (Princeton WordNet)

If we change the above statement to reflect students, we might get something like this: “an organisation of students formed to bargain with the university they study in

Now why does the UHSU not represent me? Because it does no bargaining with the University. In fact, it plays into the Uni’s hands in almost every respect.

During my first and second years, I worked on Huddersfield Student, the Union’s own newspaper. I did all the layout for the thing, which meant that I read all the articles that went into it, and most of those that didn’t. Now once or twice we tried to publish an article critical of the Uni, or the Union, and found it pulled rather rapidly by various people. Remember that the constitution of the Union dictates that the paper is meant to be independent, just so that it can report about such issues and not have to fear repercussions.

The only person who can prove any of this now works in a well-paid position in London (go Kat!), but can anyone disprove it? Can anyone pledge this won’t happen again?