Catching up (again)

I realise there hasn’t been a post on this blog for a very long time… We’ve had a bit of a busy time really, so no time to write blog entries. Let’s have a recap since the last post:

  • Went for an interview with a small company down in Devon. The job sounds ideal and I’m really excited about it.
  • Spent 4 nights in Paris! We went up the Eiffel Tower, had a boat trip on the Seine, and did lots of other touristy things. Great!
  • Worked my a*se off finishing an assignment and my final year project (dissertation), both due last week.
  • Went back to France last weekend for my dad’s birthday party (his birthday was actually in December). Good fun and saw most of the family.
  • Had my first exam, for my Artificial Neural Networks module, yesterday.

How’s that for a lineup of happenings in a two week period?! And there’s more to come!

  • Tomorrow I have my Computing Mathematics exam.
  • On Friday I give my project presentation.
  • On Monday I have my Language Specification & Implementation exam.
  • Next Thursday I have another interview down in Devon.
  • The Monday after that, my final exam, for Artificial Intelligence.

Maybe after all that I’ll be able to have a break, who knows…

And in the mean time, here’s an article that may make you think twice about throwing innocent pieces of paper away: Q. What could a boarding pass tell an identity fraudster about you? A. Way too much.

One thought on “Catching up (again)

  1. Ha, no credit eh… Best of luck with all the exams, presentations etc. The end is in sight…

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