Catching up (again)

I realise there hasn’t been a post on this blog for a very long time… We’ve had a bit of a busy time really, so no time to write blog entries. Let’s have a recap since the last post:

  • Went for an interview with a small company down in Devon. The job sounds ideal and I’m really excited about it.
  • Spent 4 nights in Paris! We went up the Eiffel Tower, had a boat trip on the Seine, and did lots of other touristy things. Great!
  • Worked my a*se off finishing an assignment and my final year project (dissertation), both due last week.
  • Went back to France last weekend for my dad’s birthday party (his birthday was actually in December). Good fun and saw most of the family.
  • Had my first exam, for my Artificial Neural Networks module, yesterday.

How’s that for a lineup of happenings in a two week period?! And there’s more to come!

  • Tomorrow I have my Computing Mathematics exam.
  • On Friday I give my project presentation.
  • On Monday I have my Language Specification & Implementation exam.
  • Next Thursday I have another interview down in Devon.
  • The Monday after that, my final exam, for Artificial Intelligence.

Maybe after all that I’ll be able to have a break, who knows…

And in the mean time, here’s an article that may make you think twice about throwing innocent pieces of paper away: Q. What could a boarding pass tell an identity fraudster about you? A. Way too much.

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  1. Ha, no credit eh… Best of luck with all the exams, presentations etc. The end is in sight…

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