Doctor Donna

Not sure what to make of the finale of this latest series of Doctor Who. They just seem to roll out the Darleks and the Cybermen far too often, whilst the really frightening episodes – all by Stephen Moffet – feature instead mundane, everyday things like statues or the dark. At least Catherine Tate is gone, as Jess says! It was really annoying to tune in to see what happened with the cliff-hanger and get naff all, though. Well, no more Who for another two years, other than the usual below par specials, that is.

I didn’t get half the stuff I wanted to done over the weekend. I had to work late on Friday afternoon (just until 16:00, but it still felt really weird!) and then Jess worked on Saturday morning, so I had a long bath and tidied a bit in our spare room, which is currently a computer-part graveyard. It rained all the rest of the day, so we Diablo-ed for a some of it. Yesterday we relaxed, walked Ferris and saw an odd film called Paris Je’Taime which featured a number of big stars/directors doing short films about our favourite city.

I have next Friday off, which is nice, but for now it is working boy again.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Donna

  1. Oh boy, ‘t is alive. (15th June is your mum’s nameday by the way)

  2. I think you are taking the whole Dr Who thing way too seriously. Just how many have you watched? Essentially it always was, and remains, a kids’ programme, which some adults enjoy as well. I liked the knowing Katherine Tate stuff, the knowledge of the programmes history and the recurring villains (once per series doesn’t seem too much overkill) and the joy/horror of seeing Davros and Dalek Kahn again was brilliant.
    Having said that, the glass planet repeating monster was definitely the most scary this series. Oh, and I loved the way Bernard Cribbins was sworn to secrecy to protect Donna as presumably the same must have been done to him in turn as he had a previous appearance didn’t he?
    Hope you aren’t frittering away valuable allotment time…
    Two years? Bloomin’ heck!

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