Raspberry Pi 3.2.20 Kernel

A few days ago, Linux 3.2.20 was released. As usual I’ve updated my Raspberry Pi kernel. This one has a few additional changes on top of just the 3.2.19 to 3.2.20 update:

  • Introduced some new SDHCI performance tweaks. These are also in the official kernel from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. These require the latest firmware or the kernel will not boot.
  • Added the easycap module.

Please see my kernel project page for download links and instructions.

8 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi 3.2.20 Kernel

  1. Well, the kernel looks great and works a treat with loads of the extra modules I want.

    I’m running it underneath the Raspbian image and it works great with one issue: if I run omxplayer then it works fine for about two seconds then has a kernel panic. Sadly I can’t see all the details because there is the video in the middle of the screen!

    Is there anything I can do to help solve this issue?

    Apart from that, great work!

    • I don’t use omxplayer myself and I still have had no backtraces from anyone to tell where the panic is occurring so I have no way to track it down at the moment, sorry.

  2. Hi Chris, I’d love to be able to provide you with a backtrace but it’s hidden behind the video itself.

    It looks like a page fault in the kernel from the bits I can see “around the edges”.

    Could you recommend a way to capture the backtrace?

    • The best way really is using the serial console. If you have a 3.3V FTDI cable or similar you can get everything out the serial port and then just copy & paste. 🙂

    • They should have the USB DVB drivers enabled, yes. If not, let me know and I’ll make sure they are in the next version.

  3. hi, is there any chance you would compile 3.3 kernel for raspberrypi? I have DVB-T USB dual tuner (048d:9006) which is supported from 3.3…..Thanks for answer man.

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