The Second Coming

After the tragic disappearance of my previous blog, I have finally got round to working on a brand new one. This time, I hope I’ll post slightly more often (ha ha!) and maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll have something interesting to read too! As for the design, I’ve settled for what I had done with my Work in Progress page, and I’ll begin incorporating that as soon as possible.

I was working on my own blogging system but I realised that this would take a long time to get working correctly—time that I don’t have. So I decided to go with WordPress, a really neat little blogging system that beats the pants out of MovableType. I might hack it to pieces for it to work more how I want, but it does most of it out the box, to be honest.

For those who have been stuck under a rock for the last many months, I managed to wipe my server’s hard drive when adding a second one, after I thought the first one was on its way out. It is in fact still going strong now. How typical.

So, that means I’ve lost all of my posts written on my previous blog. If you would like me to re-write a previous post for any reason, please feel free to email me about it.