Dying Hard Drives

Does this ring any bells? This time at least it’s not my server, so this blog is here to stay… I hope! Nope, it’s Gromit, my PowerBook, and the hard drive has been making grinding noises and running very slowly. I phoned Apple and while it’s still under warranty, I’m not sure I can wait a week or so while it gets fixed. Even then I’d only end up with a 40GB drive, as I have now, which just isn’t enough for the things I use it for. So I’m considering just buying my own replacement and doing it myself, so that I can get a bigger drive, and possibly a faster one too while we’re at it! Let’s hope I don’t cock it all up again…

Another thing that gets me is the sheer price of laptop hard drive. With £80 I can get myself a 200GB desktop hard drive, or bigger even. The same amount of money, I can only get myself an 80GB laptop hard drive. Where’s the justice in that?!

3 thoughts on “Dying Hard Drives

  1. Its all in miniaturization. Darn miniaturization. You know what the solution is; make a little add on box that you can plug in to your PowerBook’s hard drive bay that contains a 400 GB 3.5″ HD. While a little bit less portable, you’ll be one of the only people who can say they have a laptop with 400 GB!

    Seriously. I say AppleCare it. Spend the money that you would spend for the new HD on buying the extended warranty. Who knows what will be the next thing to go.

  2. Ah, I think I might as well get it done under warranty at the Apple Store, just ‘cos it’s free. I think I’ll still buy a new hard drive anyway tho! 😛

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