Two weeks away!

I’m now eventually back at work, after having taken a couple of weeks off for holidays and some training provided by Oracle. I’m trying to get used to the routine again, and actually doing some work… The first week we went down to the sunny South of France. Despite adverse weather warnings from the parents, it was actually really nice! We did all the usual things like shopping in Nice, relaxing in the sun, and lots of walking around.

The second week I went on a course in London called Oracle Application Server 10g: Administration I. Unsurprisingly it was about the latest incarnation of Oracle’s Application Server, for running Java and other web applications on. I had to commute to London every day for this (which reminds me I have to claim the expenses…) which wasn’t too bad in the company of my iPod. Unfortunately I had learnt most of the things we did on the course on the job, but it was really interesting to learn how things should be done as opposed to the way things were actually done within Oracle. Very interesting indeed.

During this time I also visited Interhouse Redbus, along with my chosen Colocation provider. I’ll write up a long article about the hunt for colocation once I get Baldrick inserted into a rack and all the kinks smoothed out. Suffice it to say that I was very impressed, and that there is a lot of very expensive gadgetry in that building…

Finally, we visited my brother Jim and his family last weekend, which was really nice. It was great to see the girls, eat some lovely food, go for a couple of nice walks, and the usual outings here and there. Great fun.