Baldrick, the server that hosts this blog (and quite a few other sites now) was moved to a data centre in London over the weekend. This move should make downtime minimal in the future, since I am paying to have nigh-on 100% Internet connectivity and 100% power availability. Also, fear of having to go into London to fix the server if I seriously muck it up will prevent me from trying out new or dangerous things on the server; I’ve got plenty of machines at home I should be doing that with!

So far, things have been running flawlessly! I am very grateful to my chosen ISP for knowing what they are doing, loving their job, and being technically savvy (something which unfortunately seems difficult to find). I’m still not going to disclose who I’m hosting with until I have my article written up, although I’m sure you can find out quite easily if you’re determined.

Time to update the pages about my machines and network now…

Yet another competition is now on the books: since I’m going to get into hosting to help pay the colocation bills, I’m going to need to name the entity that will be selling these services. If you can come up with a decent name for a hosting company that isn’t already taken, and has a .com and/or domain available, you’ll get some sort of a freebie. Suggestions for that also welcome!