• We all thought our neighbours across the pond were going towards a 1984-like totalitarian regime, but how wrong we are: they’re going Soviet!

• Apple has announced its 3rd platform transition: the move from PowerPC to x86. After the previous two transitions (68K to PowerPC, then Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X) which were both leaps forward, I’m gutted that they chose to go for a technology that has hardly changed since 1982.

• Debian Sarge has finally gone stable, and has become Debian 3.1. As you may know all my Linux machines run Sarge, so this is a good day for me. I’ll also spend some time working on PicoDebian to get it up to scratch.

One thought on “Tidbits

  1. Well it doesn’t seem like a year, more like nine months, but as we know a lot can happen in that period. I will miss having you guys only a short distance away, and I guess it will be fun to travel back to Hudds. Perhaps we’ll get to see Lesley from BB, scary or what?

    Oh well still a while to go before you leave for good, so how about a curry tonight?

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