Hobgoblin, leaving, and Caffeinism

Last weekend was really quite nice—some friends visited from Huddersfield and, among other things of course, we spent all of Saturday afternoon and evening at the pub! I had been at the Hobgoblin a few times before, but never for too long and didn’t quite get the chance to ‘sample’ so much beer, shall we say. I loved the pub before, but now I really am going to miss it! This is the sort of place that has banned mobile phones, and changes the available beers every few hours: they have after all been through 3000 different beers since October 2003!

Tomorrow, Jess will be heading down to Devon again for her second (and, I’m sure, final) attempt at passing her driving test! Add to this the fact that we’re leaving for good at the end of the month, so it’s a bit of a sad time. We’ve already started packing and even sent some stuff down to Devon already, and started the procedure of moving out. Who would ever have thought it was so hard to change addresses and cancel contracts even with over a month’s notice! Never mind, I think they’ll realise quickly enough when Direct Debits get cancelled.

I’m now on the second part of my Oracle Application Server 10g: Administration course, and waiting for some installations to finish. We aren’t normally allowed out of the rather restricted ‘education network’ that we’re on, but there are plenty of ways out if you know what to look for! So here I am checking email and writing blog entries. Certainly beats drinking so much coffee as to develop Caffeinism!

3 thoughts on “Hobgoblin, leaving, and Caffeinism

  1. I think caffeinism is necessary when you get up at 6:45am and then drive for an hour and a half. I have just drunk a whole pot of proper coffee and I am still tired…

  2. I can’t really understand the need for caffeine. I get up at 6:45am also, drive for about an hour and then work till 5:30pm and I manage just fine! So many people at work seem unable to manage without it, seems strange to me – it must be caffeinism!

  3. Ah, but in this case it wouldn’t really be to stay awake—just for the lack of anything better to do! Although I must admit I am partial to a caffeine kick every morning… 🙂

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