Prices go up… As do other things.

The price of natural gas has risen by 300% in the last few years. That translates directly to a rise in price of electricity. What does that mean? That means that RedBus, the company that provides space to 49pence (my colo provider), has had to increase its prices. By 122%. From £350/month to £780/month. What that means is the price of running this server has gone up from £29/month to £39/month (34%). Phew, I was expecting much, much more of a rise.

49pence, however, haven’t just raised the price of colocation. No. They decided to sweeten the deal quite a bit. How did they do that? Rise the bandwidth limit from 100GB/month to 2000GB/month. Yes, that’s two terabytes bandwidth allowance per month. Isn’t that just insane? That’s a 1,900% increase.

So, while I was previously slightly worried that I would be placed on a slightly more expensive pay bracket for going quite close to 100GB, I can now rest easy knowing I can blow my current limit through the roof and not get charged extra.

Anyone need a mirror?

Still, I need to figure out where to pluck the extra £120/year from.

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  1. That job will help. Also you could whack up the BGT fee just a tad (are we paying you anything just now?). Of course I woud have to put soem stuff on the website to make it worth our while…

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