The End of That Story

I suppose I had better write something about the Students’ Union saga, which I now consider over. Basically, the President (John Goodwin) decided it would be a good idea to start a weekly blog journalling what he has done that week, so that his activities are more transparent. This is a great move in my opinion, and very interesting, so let’s hope this continues. He has also suggested that other members of the Union Exec follow suit, but I have yet to see any of their blogs.

That doesn’t resolve the issue of my posts being deleted, for which I still haven’t received an apology, only denial that is ever happened. Ah well, you can’t get everything you ask for I suppose…

1 thought on “The End of That Story

  1. Now that I am finally back online I clearly have a bit of catching up to do. And wha hey, my little bro’ has gone political, well Jess had to have some influence. And what great news to know that student politics has changed so radically since my days, (1980–4ish), not.

    Oh well, there are those that do and those that become politicians, my generation produced Phil Wollas (now # Labour MP for Oldham East & Saddleworth, Minister of State (Local Government), Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (since 17 Jun 2005)

    Great joy

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