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I only just got out of my last exam, and boy does it feel strange. I don’t think I’ve ever quite felt like this actually, it’s like moving on to another stage in life, my education basically being over and done with. Of course there’s still results day and graduation (that I most likely won’t go to), but that’s that: all that’s left is a lifetime of work. My not quite 22 years of preparation for the rest of my life is over, and I can now look forward to 43 years (probably gonna change!) of work. What a strange, peculiar feeling. I’ve been through a lot of changes over the years, including finishing school, leaving home, going to Uni, and more recently meeting my true love Jess, but none has felt quite like this. It seems as though every time the feeling gets weirder and more intense as I move along.

I’ll be the first one to say meeting Jess was probably one of the biggest events of my life, and this has definitely moulded and shaped my life into what I am now, and for this I will be ever grateful. As you all know Jess and I will be formally tying the knot, as it were, just a little under a year from now. I am looking forward to this day more than anything in my life at the moment, even more so than starting work.

And as for graduation, it’s all a big farce! We’ve got Patrick Stewart as our Vice Chancellor, so going to the ceremony would maybe (if it’s on the right day) let me shake hands with a Trekkie God, but it’s not as if I’m a Trekkie in any way and I’m not one to name-drop. What else happens there? You parade about in a crummy graduation gown and get handed a rolled-up piece of card that isn’t even your diploma, that gets sent in the post… Oh, and anyone who goes is sat so far away they can hardly see you without binoculars. It’s really rather crap. So I won’t be going.

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