Step 2 Well Under Way

Everyone important has been told now (unless we’ve forgotten someone), so I might as well brag about my new job online! I’ve been employed as a Linux Systems Administrator at Abacus Tree, in charge of a farm of Linux servers in a couple of locations. I don’t know all the details of the job yet, but I obviously can’t speak about it all anyway!

The job description is nigh-on perfect for me, especially since it’s a medium-sized company where I may be roped in to help out in a few other areas as well. For some reason I quite like the idea of that. Add to the mix that we’ll be down in North Devon, a positively beautiful area of the country, and it’s an offer I couldn’t possibly refuse. Lots of seaside activities and generally much better weather than up north usually means lots more fun! I’ll have to give that whole surfing thing a shot.

I start on the 5th of June, so I’ve got about 2.5 weeks left up in Huddersfield before I have to say my bye-byes. Jess and I will go down the weekend before I start, but Jess will come back up here to finish up a few things in York. Once we’ve found a nice place to rent I’ll use one of my long weekends (two and a half days! yesss!) to move all our stuff down.

So here begins step 2 of my life.

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