Somewhere to live!

Pending firm confirmation—and paying the deposit!—we have a nice place to live in Barnstaple. Jess’s parents were kind enough to visit a couple of places that we flagged up and it sounds good. It’s a 2 bedroom terraced house behind a church (we seem to be making a habit of this…) that’s been recently refurbished. It’s unfurnished so we’ll have to get all our own stuff, nice and personal like, except a sofabed that’s been given to us.

As you might expect, while Jess has been looking at furniture and other things on IKEA’s web site, I’ve been busy trying to scout out the ideal broadband ISP! Even with the help of ADSLguide, there’s just a huge number of ISPs to choose from and even more differing opinion about them all. And that’s not to mention the ISPs that resell connectivity to other ISPs, with different packages and prices. Where does one even start?! Having gone through the incredible palaver of getting a phone and ADSL set up two years ago in Reading, we’re going to try and get it mostly all done before we move in. Ha!

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  1. All I really wanted to say was that I have several items of compact furniture and will be coming down to Devon soon, why not send me a list of neeeds?

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