Zero 7

Last night, Dan and I went to see Zero 7 at Leeds Met. The auditorium was packed and the concert was incredible. They played songs from all of their albums, seven of the band were there, with ‘special guest’ José González who also contributed to their latest album. I was kicking myself for having forgotten both the camera and to charge my phone, so I have no pictures of the event at all.

The supporting act, Fink, were also very good although we missed the beginning of their set because nobody had announced anything at all in the waiting area outside the hall… The ‘doors at 7, start at 7’ information that Dan had been given was completely off: Fink didn’t start until 8:00 or so and Zero 7 not until about 9:15. Once Zero 7 were done the clapping just didn’t end and they ended up performing 2 encores before the 11pm curfew. During one of them the lead singer (Sia Furler) asked what sort of dance she should perform during the solo. After suggestions of caribbean and line dancing were turned down (oh we already did those) she settled on Morris Dancing! Well, it wasn’t quite morris dancing but it was a good laugh!

So all in all an excellent gig and I’d definitely recommend you go if you’re into their sort of music at all!

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