Captain Copyright

While catching up on yesterday’s news, BoingBoing alerted me to the CRIA‘s alarming attempts to brainwash children into their ways of thinking: Captain Copyright. BoingBoing also managed to highlight some interesting facts like their mascot borrows features from all sorts of other underwear perverts (“superheroes”™), clearly breaking copyright themselves. Oh, and let’s not mention their ridiculous terms & conditions that include such gems as:

Permission is expressly granted to any person who wishes to place a link in his or her own website to or any of its pages with the following exception: permission to link is explicitly withheld from any website the contents of which may, in the opinion of the Access Copyright, be damaging or cause harm to the reputation of, Access Copyright. In the event we contact you and request the link be removed, you agree to comply with that request promptly. If you link to or otherwise include on your website, please let us know and create any link to our home page only.

Oops, I clearly broke that rule in two separate instances! OK, here’s another one I broke: “iv. You are not permitted to copy or cut from any page or its HTML source code to the Windowsâ„¢ clipboard (or equivalent on other platforms) onto any other website.” Let’s break it again shall we:

<p class="pageTitle">Welcome kids </p>

<p class="boldA1">Hi kids! </p>
<p>Captain Copyright is busy building this website to make it fun and exciting for
    you! Keep checking back here for
more activities for you to do, stuff that can help you with homework your teacher
    might give you, games you can play,
and much, much more.</p>

Man, I just love the record industry’s collective idiocy.