First week of work

Well the first week at my new workplace has just passed, and it’s been a great week. I’ve felt a part of the team since day 1, participating in most of the support queries past our way save for some Windows stuff. All the people are very nice and have made me feel right at home.

It’s really a great place to be. On Friday we ran into some trouble on some live machines, so four of us headed to the conference room, set up the projector, and brainstormed for 3 hours until we figured out what the problem was and found a way to reproduce it. At every stage I was included in the discussion, my ideas fully heard out, and I genuinely felt as if I’d worked there for years.

I’m staying my last night at Jess’s parents before Jess leaves back to Huddersfield tomorrow, and I move into our house. We’ve stocked up the fridge, the broadband is working, and there’s even a bed, chair, and hifi! We’re also moving down next weekend instead of in two weeks’ time, since that’s the only time we could get the van. Great stuff!

2 thoughts on “First week of work

  1. Great stuff mate, glad to hear it’s going well. It’s definately a nice feeling when people welcome you like that. Good luck with the move next weekend!!

  2. Yep, sounds great and all my very best for the future. There is a litle something on its way, so you may have to go and pick it up, I hope not.
    Still carless, though the fault isn’t very serious (a broken seal). We should talk cars sometime soon. Remember, I am coming down to Exeter the week before the Dave & Gill do.

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