New Revision of 3.2.21

I’ve posted a slightly updated 3.2.21 kernel. This includes the following updates:

  • Applied the GPIO interrupt patches from the official kernel (thanks Selsinork for the rebased pull request ready for applying to my tree!)
  • Enabled DVB modules and some more V4L modules related to this. Sorry, I thought this was all enabled previously.
  • Added DRBD module by request.


7 thoughts on “New Revision of 3.2.21

    • The RT patches won’t really help you for hard realtime I don’t think anyway. I’d hazard an opinion and say the Raspberry Pi is probably the wrong sort of platform do be doing something like running a quadcopter, personally…

  1. Hello Chris,

    Like your kernel! Compiled it under Archlinux, runs great.
    I have a question, I got I2C working through your kernel mods. Is there also a way to get PWM going through the kernel? I have seen some examples, using mapped memory to get the HW-PWM feature of the PI.
    Thanks for your work!

    • I’m not aware of any drivers to use the Raspberry Pi’s PWM hardware that live in the kernel, at the moment. I know the ALSA audio driver uses PWM for output, but that probably isn’t much use to you.

    • The built kernel files themselves are identical for the softfloat and hardfloat userspaces, there is no difference between the built binaries – the kernel does not do any floating point at all. The only issue is in the packaging, where the armel package won’t install on an armhf system unless you force it in nasty ways.

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