Updated Debian Wheezy Image

I updated my Minimal Debian Wheezy image for Raspberry Pi last weekend, but completely forgot to write about it. This includes my 3.2.21-r1 kernel and all the latest firmware and Debian package updates as of the 23rd.

Download: wheezy-mini-2012-06-23.img.gz (124M)

Once again the SSH server is not installed by default, so you will need to login using the console first either on an HDMI display with a USB keyboard or over the serial console.

The root password for this image is: raspberrypi

12 thoughts on “Updated Debian Wheezy Image

  1. Great image ! I was looking for a small image that fit on 1GB card .

    Only one problem with wheezy .. can’t get the rc.local do be executed on boot ..

    • Hi Chris. Very nice job !
      Like Tom, I’m using your image for Raspberry Pi. I’m folowing Tom in his project about D-Star.

      I’m trying to use a N150 nano usb dongle from Belkin with a chip rtl8188cus.
      I’m using this script to install the driver : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/80256631/install-rtl8188cus.sh. But it tells me the kernel is wrong.

      Do you think you could add it into your kernel and image please?


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  3. Hi Chris,
    thanks a lot for the image!
    One question: you mount the boot partition in /mnt/boot. Is this intentional (it creates some issues with the rpi-update script)
    Can I simply change the mountpoint to /boot? I am a bit unsure as there are 3 files in the /boot folder:


  4. Is this based on a floating point install? Like the raspbian build?

  5. Might be a daft question but what is the login/password for this?

    • usr root / psw raspberrypi worked for me

      “The root password for this image is: raspberrypi”

  6. Hi Chris ,

    is it possible over-clocking doesn’t work with this image ..
    I’m running it full updated .. latest kernel & firmware .

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  8. I found the problem …

    arm240_start.elf = not working with overclocking !!

    switched back to arm224_start.elf = overclocking works !

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