Some News — At last!

Cor, it’s been such a long time since I last posted that I’m getting out of practice! The truth is that I never seem to do very much that warrants writing about these days! I could have written about the Delete function actually deleting things, or about how my SATA controller card doesn’t work if I have the floppy drive enabled in my BIOS, or how much nicer Arcadia runs in general since I got a new CPU and motherboard, but I can’t help but think that it would be mind-numbingly boring to most people.

Well, I suppose the other day we did go to see the new James Bond, which I must admit I quite enjoyed… I thought it was really quite different to any previous Bonds, going in quite a different direction even, although Daniel Craig makes a good Bond. I also thought it was much more believable than other Bond stories: winning millions in a game of poker is so much more plausible than firing a big gun on a satellite or villains with awfully scarred faces, although I’m not so sure about the miniature bug that can trace Bond as well as determine what kind of poison he might have ingested.

In other news the driving is going reasonably well. I have no idea when I’ll actually have my license of anything like that, but having passed the theory test is quite a good feeling. I’ve been doing all the usual manouvers like ‘reverse around the corner’ and ‘bay park’ and ‘parallel park’ and so on and, I think, getting reasonably comfortable with them. So let’s hope it won’t be too long before I put in for a test!