Raspberry Pi XBee PCBs

Picture of XBee PCBs

During the course of this week, I have received my XBee PCBs (right) and started playing with them!

First of all, I’d like to say thanks to the folks at Seeed Studio / Fusion PCB whose service I used to fab these boards. I went for the slightly more expensive ENIG finish on these, but they were still very reasonably priced and have come out very well indeed. I would definitely use them again.

So anyway, after a quick order for some extra TC2117 regulators that I found I ran out of, and a fistful of LEDs and that sort of thing, I built two backpacks up complete with XBee modules and set out to get them to talk. This was my first foray into the world of XBee / ZigBee so was a very interesting process!

XBee Backpacks on my two Raspberry Pis

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Raspberry Pi 3.2.23 kernel

Sorry folks, this one was late. So late that I completely skipped 3.2.22. Oh well, here it is at long last. Enjoy! I hope to publish a slightly revised version compiled with a new compiler and a few extra patches later this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

This one has a few additional changes on top of just the 3.2.23 update:

  • Enabled some more modules by popular request.
  • Included some further patches from the official kernel tree.
  • Compiled with Linaro GCC 2012.04 (thanks to crosstool-ng). I hope to use 2012.07 later this week for an updated kernel.
  • Fixed a minor sched_clock bug that printed a harmless warning at boot time.

Please see my kernel project page for download links and instructions.

New Revision of 3.2.21

I’ve posted a slightly updated 3.2.21 kernel. This includes the following updates:

  • Applied the GPIO interrupt patches from the official kernel (thanks Selsinork for the rebased pull request ready for applying to my tree!)
  • Enabled DVB modules and some more V4L modules related to this. Sorry, I thought this was all enabled previously.
  • Added DRBD module by request.


Updated Debian Wheezy Image

I updated my Minimal Debian Wheezy image for Raspberry Pi last weekend, but completely forgot to write about it. This includes my 3.2.21-r1 kernel and all the latest firmware and Debian package updates as of the 23rd.

Download: wheezy-mini-2012-06-23.img.gz (124M)

Once again the SSH server is not installed by default, so you will need to login using the console first either on an HDMI display with a USB keyboard or over the serial console.

The root password for this image is: raspberrypi