Zelda weekend

I spent most of my weekend playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on our Wii. It is an excellent game and I am loving it! Takes me back to my SNES days of old.

We also went to the North Devon Beer Festival 2008 in Barnstaple with Simon and Sarah. We had a great evening – including a curry at The Moghul – and tried lots of rather good ales! Jess and I are considering joining CAMRA at some point now, too.

It’s Alive!

Just to prove that this isn’t (quite) dead yet, a happy birthday message to my very good friend Aram!

I am so busy at work and busy at home with Ferris that I don’t seem to get round to posting much now. Jess covers most things in our life together, so I suppose you’ll have to content yourselves with reading her blog most of the time! I am going about setting up a metering system for our electricity here at home and trying to fit in a few games of Diablo II with my wife, too. Hectic doesn’t really cover it.

In May we celebrated our first wedding anniversary and our fifth of being together by going to Paris. It was great and we had a couple of delicious meals! We have our holiday in Brittany to look forward to over the summer. I have never been to this region of France and we’re going with a big gaggle of family so it should be really good fun we hope. Then in October we have a break in our beloved North Yorkshire, as well.

The best addition to our lives recently has been getting our JRT Ferris. He’s a lovely boy! Although Jess had a Labrador, Beano, when she was growing up, it is a first for me and I am really loving being a dog owner — even more than I expected to! He has just been in for his chip ‘n’ snip operation, but seems to be recovering excellently.

I am off to see Jess’s Nan and help Paul herd the sheep in for sheering so I’ll stop now, but hopefully be back a bit quicker with my next post. But don’t bank on it!