London, wedding prep, and more driving news!

As per usual I haven’t written for, well, ages! So what’s happened since I last posted?

First of all I went for a week of training in London. Abacus Tree sent me on the RH300 Rapid Track course for an RHCE. A week of brushing up on how to set up and fix computers that run Linux (in particular, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, had you not guessed). I had a nice week, and met up with lots of people including Chaz and an old friend from the TMDC of lore who I’d never met before! I got the RHCE certification in the end, with 100% on the exams which surprised even myself. A good outcome in the end!

Since then we’ve been preparing for the wedding (only 10 days to go!). The dress and suit are sorted, as are the venues, the rings, and just about everything else so all we have left is the last minute prep really: getting the food organised (we’re doing it ourselves), etc…

In other news, Jess passed her driving test! After having tried a few times and getting overcome by the nerves, she passed with 6 minors just like me. Because it was raining, and I felt ill, and we needed some shopping she picked me up from work, we shoved the bike in the boot and headed to the shops just hours after she had passed. Great stuff.

No doubt next time I post something will be after the wedding, ha!