If the future’s Orange…

…it’s really quite dark actually.

For the past year I have used O2 as my Mobile service provider. Since my contract was up, I thought I’d look around and go with a different provider, mostly because O2’s customer service was crap (it took them around 3 months to fix my account so I could send text messages online, and they reset by password multiple times so they could access my account) and their network is unable to send SMS delivery reports (which just about every other network can manage and is an integral part of the GSM system). After hunting around I decided to switch to Orange.

I told O2 I would be cancelling, and sent them my letter of cancellation and asked for my PAC code (a code that lets you take your phone number to a different mobile provider), which I got in the post a few days later. Then I got an SMS with the code in it. Then a second letter, and about 3 phone calls in the same day from O2 desperate to keep me with them (going so far as to offer me free service for 12 months if I didn’t switch). I had firmly decided to teach them a lesson, so I put my order in at Orange online.
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Microsoft iPod?

As some people have commented (*cough* Charles *cough*) I haven’t posted for a little while. Truth be told there really isn’t much going on in our lives that isn’t covered by Jess, is worth reading about, or that I can talk about…

From BoingBoing: If the iPod had been a Microsoft thing (as if!), their packaging team might make the box look a little like this: